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The Paso del Norte Center of Hope exists to protect victims of human trafficking and modern-day slavery and to lead anti-trafficking efforts within the Region through outreach, education, and person-centered services

We partner with our clients to offer survivor centered services and a supportive environment for them to work towards accomplishing their goals. We partner with the El Paso community to educate, train, and raise awareness about human-trafficking and how we can work together to stop it.

About Us


Worldwide, human trafficking is a $150 billion industry. In every country and city, men, women, and children are being exploited for forced labor and commercial sex. Unfortunately, this crime continues around us, largely unnoticed. 

But it's not just happening in other parts of the world, it's happening in the United States, and in El Paso

The effects of this crime are far-reaching, not only affecting the emotional and physical well being of human trafficking victims, but of the community as well. 

To learn more about labor and sex trafficking and how to identify a potential victim, click "read more."

Client Services

The Center of Hope provides support, assistance, referrals, and advocacy to survivors of both sex and labor trafficking through comprehensive case management and our emergency shelter. We utilize a survivor-centered goal setting and case management model in order to ensure that clients are empowered to make their own decisions and use their voice throughout the journey towards achieving their goals. Please contact us for more information or if you would like to refer a client. 

Community Partnerships

As the El Paso region's primary anti-human trafficking organization, we have worked very hard to become the experts on human trafficking in our city. Partner with us to learn more about human trafficking in our community, and how your company, organization, church, or social group can get involved. 

The Center of Hope provides relevant and informational training presentations for educators and school administration, law enforcement, medical professionals, social service agencies, faith based groups, and many others. Check out our Community Resource Library for anti-human trafficking materials and resources specific to your area of interest. 


Get Involved

What piece can you add to the puzzle? What are your skills, talents, passions, and resources that you can contribute in the fight to end human trafficking in our community?

Would you like to volunteer with us doing work behind the scenes? Do you have public speaking skills, and enjoy teaching the community about important issues in our area like human trafficking? Can you teach a yoga or art class to our clients? Or maybe you and your church or social group would like to sponsor and decorate one of our guest rooms! We would love to brainstorm with you about the best way that you and your family or group can get involved in the fight to end human trafficking in El Paso. Click one of the links below for more information. 

Get Involved

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We provide support, referrals, and advocacy to survivors of sex and labor trafficking

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As a donor, supporter or volunteer, you become part of the work we do. 

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Let us help empower you to use your voice throughout your journey.

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Learn more about labor and sex trafficking and how to identify a potential victim.

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