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Bringing hope,

affecting change

Mission and Vision

Mission: To lead a community-wide response to eradicate human trafficking and its effects in our region through advocacy, training, direct services, and collaboration. 


Leading with Integrity:


We will exemplify what integrity looks like as we fulfill our mission. High ethical standards are incorporated into our everyday pursuit of excellence. We will inspire trust. 

Excellence for Our Clients:

We commit to be life-long learners and teachers of what we know. We will employ collaborative, innovative, and multidisciplinary approaches to our work. We purpose to invest in our clients so they know their worth and value; discover their strengths and personal power; and pursue their own objectives. Our privilege is providing them the support they need for their journey. 

Responsibility to Self and Others:

Each one of us is responsible and accountable for fulfilling the Center of Hope mission. We understand that Center of Hope's reputation is the result of our actions and beliefs. Each of us represents the Center of Hope and will ensure our day to day activities will enhance our stature as an organization that operates in excellence. 


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